“At home parents form character and teach values through examples ​​to guide their children in the future. But when a school shares those values ​​and complements them with academic excellence you receive the best legacy for your children.
At Saint George we certainly have found the school that is helping educate our son the way we believe in, providing an education that will give him the foundation to be an honest man, prepared academically and with the necessary values to make us feel proud of him.”

Juan Manuel Martín De Oliva

“Saint George School has an interesting vision for the future. It is a school that provides students with comprehensive instruction, values, and excellent academic education, but at the same time maintains openness to change guaranteeing quality education, not only for the present generation but for the ones to come.”

Daniel Aquino

“As an individual, I was a responsible, friendly, non-discriminating, helpful and a grade A student. But when I really thrived, what I enjoyed the most of my years at Saint George School were the activities we did as a team. Saint George gave me the opportunity to explore this experience, sometimes as a class, others as the entire school or just as a small group. SGS taught me that I could achieve much more when I worked as a team member, when as a group we shared a common goal and used our specific abilities and interests to work together”.

Jean Alejandro Santelises

“At Saint George School I received an open and very human education, which allowed my personality to develop. There was always room for difference of opinion but demanded analytic depth”.

Rafael Elías Muñoz

“Nothing prepares you better to meet challenges than an excellent academic education at an institution of high standards and levels of demand. At Saint George School I received not only this but also a formation in deep values ​​that has accompanied me throughout life.”

Ney Díaz

“The values ​​instilled in my life were learned at Saint George. There I received the foundation that supports my brother and I to place the Dominican industry in a competitive position, strengthening credibility in the Dominican professional through the quality of the products we produce in our land.”

José Luis Thomas

“The discipline and teamwork instilled in me at an early age made me capable of developing any project.”

Nassim Alemany