As the Principal of Upper School, I am very proud to work alongside a diverse team of highly qualified teachers, school administrators and parents who complement each other’s efforts in helping our students grow intellectually, socially and spiritually. It is important that our families are actively involved in the education of their child by maintaining constant contact with us to ensure the student’s emotional and intellectual progress. It is our commitment to high standards, unity, respect and discipline that make Upper School an educational environment that promotes personal excellence.

Our Curriculum is designed to empower our students to become innovative and analytical thinkers. Through our co-curricular activities our students have the opportunity to participate in several clubs offered in Upper School, such as The Model United Nations Club and the Debate Club. These clubs are designed to help our students gain self-confidence, improve their communication skills, develop their positive leadership skills and learn to work with others as a team. Our Community Service program helps the students develop solidarity and concern for others and teaches them to give back to their community and planet. The students have over 25 organizations to choose from to complete their service work. The school also offers its athletes an opportunity to compete, have fun, and at the same time learn sportsmanship through soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Saint George has been a member of the IB Diploma Program since 1995, the first school in the Caribbean with this distinction This program is an asset for all our students, given the excellent skills they acquire that help them be successful in university, locally and internationally, as well as in their professional and personal life. The IB Program is also an advantage for our international students who come to us from other IB schools from around the world and are able to continue their courses with us. Furthermore, our students are guided through the university application process by our highly qualified and experienced College Counselor, who has helped place numerous SGS students in prestigious colleges.

This year Upper School will be implementing the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Program in Math and English classes in 9th and 10th grades. The program helps improve academic performance by developing skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving. It is the perfect springboard to the IB Program. Futhermore, it is recognized by leading universities worldwide for those students who desire to continue their studies abroad. The syllabus has an international perspective, but retains local relevance and avoids cultural bias. IGCSE is currently part of international school curriculum in over 120 countries worldwide.

My experience at Saint George School has been a blessing. I taught in its classrooms and I have two proud graduates with fond memories. I love coming to school every morning to lead, guide and encourage students and teachers alike. It is an honor for me to work and serve the Saint George Family as its Principal.

Ana Landestoy
Upper School Principal