Our Senior students have always achieved good results in the Pruebas Nacionales (National Standardized tests) administered every year in July by the Ministry of Education. However, not until the report of the July 2017 results were we able to really appreciate the quality of these as each student now receives a letter indicating the percentage in which they stand in comparison to all students who took the tests at a national level.

Considering this, we are very pleased with the July 2017 results, as out of the 44 SGS students who took the tests, 28 of them are among the top 10% of the country. These students each received a letter signed by the Minister of Education, Mr. Andrés Navarro, in which he congratulates them for their outstanding performance and offers them the opportunity of obtaining a university scholarship through the scholarship programs sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology, both in the country or abroad.

Congratulations to our students and teachers for their dedication and effort! These results motivate us to continue offering the best education possible and continue to educate valuable young people for our society and the world.