As part of our commitment to provide a “well-rounded” education, Saint George offers a Fine Arts Program that includes art, music, theater and dance as part of its regular and extracurricular programs.

According to research studies carried out by American and European universities, children who play a musical instrument, for example the piano, show extraordinary abilities in math. On the other hand, children involved in theater tend to be more communicative and sure of themselves. Overall, children involved in any artistic activity develop greater sensibility and critical thinking.

Victoria Yoh
Fine Arts Lead Teacher

The Language Enhancement Program (LEP) is designed to help students who are learning English or Spanish as a second language to be up to par with grade level performance.

The purpose of LEP is to enable limited Language proficient students to become competent in comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing through the development of literacy and academic skills in the language of interest. Such a program emphasizes the mastery of language skills, as well as mathematics, science and social studies as integral parts of the academic goals for all students. This focus enables them to achieve better comprehension in these subjects.

Most students who participate in this program are newly admitted or foreign students. We are extremely pleased with the results they obtain, allowing participants to perform adequately during regular classes.

Beyond the classroom…

At Saint George we believe extracurricular activities are essential to a well-rounded education. We offer a variety of clubs and activities for all students to enjoy. From music to sports, these afternoon activities play an important role in students’ school lives. They encourage enthusiasm, leadership and teamwork.

To register for the activity of your choice, download and complete the Afternoon Program Registration Form and bring it to the school billing office.

Clubs: FIRST Lego League •Debate Club • Model UN Club • Drama
Sports: Soccer • Basketball • Volleyball • Rythmic Gymnastics • Karate
Music: Piano • Guitar • Music Band • Music Appreciation.

Afternoon Program
Afternoon Program Form

Carmen Minaya
Head of Admissions, Community Relations, and Activities

At Saint George School, athletics are an essential component of school life. The benefits are many, from increased strength and fitness to the development of teamwork and leadership skills. We promote pride of our teams and healthy competitiveness.

Soccer, basketball, volleyball, and rhythmic gymnastics are all part of our daily activities. From 1st grade on, all students may join in.

All sport teams receive training twice a week. Soccer is a very popular sport at Saint George. We have girls and boys teams throughout all school levels. The efforts of team players and trainers have allowed our Saint George Dragons to obtain the highest places in national and international school tournaments.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is also very popular amongst the Primary School girls, who enchant us with their graceful movements, using the hula-hoops and beautiful ribbons during their colorful presentations.




Copa LIDE 2018
2nd Place Female Soccer

Copa New Horizons 2018
1st Place High School Male Soccer

Copa Ashton 2018
1st Place 5th/6th grade Male Soccer
2nd Place 3rd/4th grade Female Soccer

Copa Claro 2018
1st Place Female Soccer
2nd Place Male Soccer

• 2016 Ruta Boricua Soccer Champions • 3rd – 4th grade Male Team
• 2016 Ashton School Cup Champions • 3rd – 4th grade Male Soccer Team
• 2016 Saint George School Cup
– Female Volleyball Champions • 7th – 8th grade
– Male Soccer Champions • 5th – 6th grade
– Female Soccer Champions • 7th – 8th grade
– Male Soccer Champions • 7th – 8th grade

José Marte
Physical Education and Sports Coordinator

Saint George School has an environmental awareness program called Project Green. It was started during the 2010-2011 academic year by several Upper School students from the Class of 2013 and included students from all age groups throughout the campus, as well as teachers and staff. Mr. Donald Gotz, teacher and environmental activist, runs the program. We have received support from several local businesses and non-governmental organizations that have sponsored recycling campaigns that include 66 other academic institutions. We follow the concepts of the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The mission of Project Green is to make Saint George School a green learning environment with the facilities needed to fulfill this commitment to live in harmony with the natural environment.

Donald Gotz
Project Green Manager