1.The school is committed to provide each student with the textbooks and workbooks required per grade, except some pertaining to the International Baccalaureate Program (IB).

2.Each parent/guardian will be required to sign a receipt for the books supplied; school will keep copy of same.

3.Books supplied by the school may be new or used.

4.No books will be changed after being received.

5.Each book has a barcode on the back cover which must not be damaged: scribbled, torn, detached, etc.

6.If it is necessary for the parent/guardian to cover any books, this must be done with clear adhesive plastic cover and the name label stuck to this, not onto the book cover itself.

7.The books supplied will remain the property of the school and may be subject to inspection at any time.

8.Parents/guardians and students are responsible for all textbooks issued to them by the school.

9.Lost books will be taken to the School Library. SGS will charge students a RD$50.00 penalty for each returned book after the second loss. This penalty has the objective of instilling in students a sense of responsibility for the books assigned to them.

10.If during the school year the student losses a book, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pay the price of same as new for the school to replace it.

11.If at the end of the school year the books are not returned or are in unacceptable condition, the parent/guardian must cover the cost of new books. Unacceptable condition – Includes missing or torn pages, obscured or unreadable text, torn or missing cover.

12.Returned books with different barcodes to those assigned on the receipt issued to the parent/guardian when books were received will not be accepted.

13.Books which include CDs must be returned with these or the book will not be accepted and will have to be paid as new.