I am pleased to welcome you to the Primary School level of Saint George School’s website. At SGS, we offer a quality bilingual educational program where students interact in a multicultural setting, whilst at the same time providing students with opportunities to become well-rounded and life-long learners.

There are over 200 caring, respectful and engaged students from 26 different nationalities in our Primary School classrooms. We offer our 1st-4th grade students with English Language instruction in the subjects of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Music. In addition, our students also attend classes in Spanish: Lengua Española, Ciencias Sociales, Tecnología, Educación Física and Formación Integral Humana y Religiosa. Mandarin is also a language taught at SGS starting in 3rd grade. Our instructional approaches are mainly based on learning centers, focusing on the development of 21st century skills.

Our international community is very important to us, and to provide international students with the necessary language support, we have the Language Enhancement Programme (LEP) available to our Primary School students. Through this programme they receive individualized assistance with English and/or Spanish as a Second Language (ESL / SSL) during regular school hours.

We believe that for our students to be well-rounded and life-long learners they need to receive character education in order for them to develop awareness and concern for the well being of others and their surroundings. At SGS, this aspect of a student’s education is as equally important as the required academic preparation.

In Primary School we consider the partnership between parents and school essential for students’ success. We constantly involve our parent community throughout the different activities that take place at our school.

Wendy López
Primary School Principal