In Saint George, we instill a system of moral values that rest upon three major pillars: discipline, academic & global.


-Moral qualities (integrity, self discipline)
-Truth, justice
-Self-demand, results and living in harmony
-Improvement and continuous effort
-Augmentation of strengths, talents and individual interests
-Sense of belonging
-Ethics and principles


-A stimulating and challenging learning environment
-Learning skills and adaptation to changes in life
-Application of skills and knowledge of real world issues
-Analysis, interpretation and skills for problem solving
-Philosophy, materials and international educational practices
-People, programs and achievements with the highest standards compared to other international schools
-Self-confidence and independence
-Development of individual potential
-Communication skills and teamwork
-Success in their project of life
-Intellectual, emotional, social, physical wellbeing


-Respect and appreciation for diversity
-Eco-awareness and civic values
-Ethical Conduct (equity and universal human rights)