We require vibrant, dedicated and motivated individuals able to understand and communicate knowledge according to our internationally diverse philosophy and curriculum as an International Baccalaureate School. At St. George School we expect teachers to become totally involved in their academic area, yet also to participate in every possible aspect of school life, be it sports, art, drama, music, etc.

When we hire a staff member we do so considering a long-term relationship. We take pride in trying our best to make new staff members feel welcome and given all the support needed to adjust…we try to make them feel part of the St. George Family from day one. We like to think this is one of the reasons why our teacher turn-over is very low allowing for greater continuity of our philosophy and programmes.

St. George School is permanently seeking the best qualified teachers to become members of our staff. Should you wish to send your resumé for consideration, please feel free to do so by addressing same to:

Mrs. Erika Páez
Tel: 809-562-5262