It is an amazing experience for me to lead and direct SGS Infant School. As an alumna, parent, and member of the amazing SGS Family for almost my entire lifetime, I am certain I am in the right place.

At Infant School, we are deeply committed to providing young students a safe and nurturing environment, where their emotional and academic growth develops at a personal and unique pace for each individual.

Within an international setting, opportunities for growth and development flourish, allowing the children to strengthen innate skills and discover concepts necessary for their personal formation as human beings. At the short age of two, our young students begin an amazing adventure of numerous hands–on and interest-based activities that will steadily become more challenging. This adventure finalizes at the age of five, when they transition to a more formal instruction.
At SGS Infant School we foster, instill, and promote values that will accompany our students throughout their entire life, and will allow them to positively contribute to our ever-changing world.

From personal experience I can truly say SGS is a second home, where growing and learning is a fantastic endeavor.

Paola Barceló
Infant School Principal