Saint George School wins Debate Tournament


Recently the Debate Team composed by Maurizio D. & José David M. won the first place at the SGS Debate Tournament, along with other members of his debate team they will participate in the prestigious Harvard Forensics Debate Competition in mid-February. Nathalie J. and Javier P. also from SGS made it to the octafinals and received medals for their participation. This is the second year Saint George School participates in this type of academic activity, in local and international tournaments.

This event had the support of DIAR, a company that promotes and organizes this activity in schools in our country. The “Saint George School Debate Tournament” was attended by nine private schools in the city and a total of 132 students of Middle School and High School who handled themselves in a perfect and fluent English.

The debate format in which they competed is known as “Public Forum” and the topic they discussed was: “Should The United States lift its embargo against Cuba.” The students had to prepare themselves to defend or attack that resolution; it is luck that decides the position in each debate. Each team had the opportunity to debate up to eight times, where they had to convince a judge that their arguments had more impact than the ones of their opponents.

In the words of Carmen Minaya, Head of Community Relations and Activities, “this type of activities generates a development opportunity of great value for the student, it allows young people to grow in skills that improve their ability to understand and express themselves correctly” . Saint George School is very proud of its Debate Team and is grateful to the participating institutions for supporting this initiative along with DIAR, Dialéctica Argumentativa.