Our Advisory Board


The Saint George School Advisory Board promotes collaboration within its members’ fields of expertise, providing guidance for the school, and supporting the school’s President. The Advisory Board councils the school on essential decisions regarding policy development, academic and business insights and well being of the school, always adhering to SGS’ guiding principles. It operates in accordance with its written policy manual and in full support of the school’s administrative team.

During the year our school directives and the advisory board hold several meetings to discuss topics related to school’s operation, future plans and strategies related to the different areas that play an important role in the school’s development. Each member of the advisory board is a key player in complementing our internal administrative team through guidance, observation and suggestions directed towards the growth of our school.

From left to right Miguel Franjul, Raymi Mejía, Sandra Tejeda, Julianna Canals, Christopher Campbell (Her Majesty’s Ambassador), Maureen Tejeda, Anton Tejeda, Kenneth Broder, Daniel Aquino and Cynthia Vega.