21st Century Skills Center/ Forward Learning


Being aware of the importance of reinforcing our technology curriculum, we have updated ours under the International Society of Technology in Education standards. The classes offered in this program, besides coding, also include critical thinking skills, robotics, 3D printing, green chrome key, and communications through multimedia; enabling our students to learn in an innovative and interactive way. Our teachers, as well as our students will enjoy the new computer labs, equipped to enjoy these activities, promote collaboration, self- direction and the effective use of technology.

In order to reach the goals we have set for ourselves, we received support from Forward Learning® www.forwardlearning.com, a company with wide experience integrating technology in the fields of learning in several countries. Along with the support of ETC Dominicana, our students starting from 1st Form, all the way up to Upper School will be able to earn Microsoft and Adobe Certifications , through the inclusion of more technology hours for said levels.