NEASC Associate Director Provides Workshop to SGS Advisory Board

One of the benefits of being accredited by CIS/NEASC is the opportunity to have access to the professional consultants available to member schools. These agencies are fully aware that sometimes schools need outside recommendations and strategies to accomplish their school improvement goals and long term plans. Unfortunately, finding the right resources can be a daunting and a time consuming task. CIS has established a network of consultants to help CIS schools find high quality consultants who have experience working with schools around the world.

Saint George School was able to take advantage when Mr. Michael Popinchalk provided our SGS Advisory Board with a workshop on Governance and Strategic Realities of International Schools. Mr. Popinchalk is the Associate Director for NEASC and Commission on International Education. During the workshop, Mr. Popinchalk led the discussion of how to structure the Advisory Boards to ensure that it will maximize its contributions to the school. In addition, he reviewed the new Advisory Board Policy Manual which is required by CIS/NEASC for continual accreditation. Last year , Mr. Popinchalk was part of the CIS/NEASC Visiting Team for the school 5 Year Accreditation Visit, is a great supporter of the school’s internationalism and believes SGS is in a strong position to continue its journey of excellence in international education.