Saint George was founded on January 25th, 1965 in a small apartment in Piantini.  At that time it was named “Los Angelitos,” and the student body consisted of only ten preschoolers.  It was only when these preschoolers reached the age to attend first grade that the decision was taken to continue adding, one grade at a time, through Primary School.  Of course, by that time the school had moved to a more appropriate location and many new students had joined the community.  The story repeated itself and, because parents wanted their children to stay at Los Angelitos, after Primary School the students attended Middle School and on to Upper School.

For the Academic Year 1972-1973 the school moved to its present location. The school was blossoming; all instruction was given in English. However, in order to comply with the Ministry of Education’s requirements and to become a more formal school, the Spanish Program was introduced and therefore a completely bilingual school came about.

We are proud to say that during these 52 years we have been recognized nationally and internationally as a source of academic excellence, enabling us to be the first school in the Dominican Republic to receive dual accreditation by The Council of International Schools and The New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Saint George is also the pioneer school in the country to offer the prestigious IB and IGCSE programs. Our teaching staff consists of men and women from different cultural backgrounds who bring the best of their worlds to ours. Although our students are mostly young Dominicans (66%), we have been fortunate to receive students from all over the world (34%). And so, from the original ten young toddlers in 1965, our school has grown into a world-class institution that produces graduates who are prepared to face academic challenges in today´s global society.